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5 Signs of an Ant Infestation in Your Office

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As an employer, you are responsible for ensuring the well-being of your workplace. This means ensuring that health hazards, like those posed by an ant infestation, are kept at bay. Do you think that your office might be suffering from such an issue?

Then, keep on reading. By doing so, you can identify a few characteristic signs of an ant infestation. That way, you can nip things in the bud before the situation gets too out of hand.

1. Clustered Activity Around Windows, Doors, and Other Entry Points

One of the most common signs of an ant problem is clustered activity. It could be around windows, doors, and other entry points. If you see a large number of ants in one area, they’re likely coming into your office from the outside.

In addition to clustered activity, you may also see ants traveling in a line or “trail.” This is another sign that ants are coming into your office from the outside.

2. Damaged or Hollowed-out Wood

Notice any areas of wood furniture or fixtures that look like they’ve been chewed on? Ants likely are to blame. These pests can quickly cause extensive damage to wood.

Another sign to look for is ant nests. These can often be found in hidden areas like behind cabinets or under desks.

Lastly, ants typically tunnel through wood damaged by water or other insects. This damage can weaken the support of the building and make it more susceptible to collapse.

3. Sweet or Greasy Smells Near Entryways

Ants are attracted to sweet and greasy substances, so they may be trying to get into your office to find food.

These smells can also be a sign that ants are already inside your office. So, you should check for other signs of an infestation, such as ants themselves or ant nests.

4. Brown or Rust-colored Stains on Surfaces

These stains are typically left behind by the ants as they travel back and forth across the surface. Brown or rust-colored stains could also be the feces they’re leaving behind.

Often, these stains can be quite difficult to remove. It may even be a permanent reminder of the ant infestation.

5. Piles of Sand or Dirt Near Potential Entry Points

If you see piles of sand or dirt near potential entry points to your office, it’s a sign you have an ant issue. Ants are attracted to these areas because they’re looking for food or water.

To get rid of them, you’ll need to figure out where they’re coming from and block their entry points. Check out these commercial pest services, too, for further help.

Spotting Ant Infestation in Your Office

Ant infestation in your office may not be the first sign of a problem. But it is definitely a sign that something is wrong. Call a professional pest control company right away. Don’t try to get rid of the ants yourself, as this will just make the problem worse.

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