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5 Best Habit Tracker Apps in 2022

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Developing new habits or getting rid of bad ones takes time and effort.

Habits are about changing behavior. First, you have to make a conscious effort to perform the new behavior.

But the human brain is a high-performance computer. It recognizes when you are trying to achieve something repeatedly and helps you do it. The longer you consistently do a new habit, the more subconscious the behavior becomes and the less effort you have to put into doing it.

Habit tracking apps can help you along the way, helping you track and visualize your progress as well as being aware of any times you might stumble. Many of them have free plans, which means you can try them out without breaking the bank.

Whether you want to use a simple and straightforward app or something with more features and complexity, we’ve rounded up the best habit-tracking apps available on the internet.

What are the best apps for tracking habits in 2022?

1. Journy

Journy is one of the most amazing simple habit-tracking apps. All the action takes place in a simple visual interface where you can see your habits stacked vertically on the left and a timeline that progresses to the right towards the current day.

The basic concept of the app is to do daily habits and not break the chain or streak. If you’re doing a habit, you’ll mark it as done. On the right, you can see how long your current streak is, as well as your previous highest streak score and the total number of times you’ve performed the habit over its lifetime.

The app is designed and built for all conceivable platforms. You can use it on your Android device, iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, Mac or on the web.

Journy Habit Tracker App Review

Journy for Android has a great rating of 4.9. Check out the latest reviews.

2. Loop

Loop is one of the most popular free habit trackers with millions of downloads for Android.

Loop differs from other applications in that it is open source. Its GitHub repository is available for anyone to fork and modify to their heart’s content, allowing the technically minded to build their own app.

But the Loop works great out of the box. It has an extremely simple habit tracking interface where you can see all your habits at a glance, see how you’ve done in the past few days, and easily mark a habit as done, skipped or skipped with taps and long presses.

The app also has great analytics that allows you to visualize your progress over time. What’s especially cool is the calendar view, which shows you at a glance which days of the month you did or skipped your habit.

All data in the application can be easily exported as CSV or SQLite database file. You completely own your data.

3. Habitica

If you are a fan of role-playing games, how does it feel to turn your life into one?

With a unique approach to habit tracking that is heavily inspired by RPG games, the creators of Habitica definitely used their creativity in creating this habit tracking app.

With Habitica, the actions and tasks you perform help you gain experience points and level up, just like in the game. You can use the app with friends to complete tasks or missions.

Habitica is the epitome of an app that turns your life into a video game. And honestly, that might turn out to be just what you need to have fun and stay motivated while leveling up, IRL.

4. HabitBull

The HabitBull app has a simple yet powerful user interface where you can see your entire month at a glance. With this user interface, it’s really easy to find out what day you broke the habit.

Additionally, their app has charts and tables that show you visual data on how you’ve done with your habits and what your success percentage is compared to your desired goals. Even better, you can export all the data in CSV format and analyze it yourself as you wish.

One of the really cool features is the ability to decide how often and how many times the habit needs to be performed. It may be that you need to exercise 2 times a week, which HabitBull makes it easy for you to track.

5. HabitHub

HabitHub is based on Seinfield’s method of productivity – Don’t break the chain.

The design of the app makes it really easy to get an overview of all the habits you’re tracking and your progress with each of those habits for the current week. Tap on any habit to see your performance for the entire month.

HabitHub’s reminders work really well, using Android’s built-in action buttons for notifications. With this, you can simply swipe down on the notification shade and mark the habit as done, skipped or failed with one tap.

Perhaps the best part of the app is the ability to add widgets to your home screen, allowing you to check your current habits at a glance.