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10 best Jaisalmer desert camps in 2022

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Jaisalmer is also known as the “Golden City of Rajasthan” and is well-known for its breathtaking scenic beauty, forts and towers, pastoral lifestyle, Jaisalmer Taxi, and other architectural wonders.

This tiny Rajasthani hamlet is elegantly positioned in Thar Desert Camp’s heart like a pearl. It is proud of its fascinating past and rich cultural heritage that is tied to Rajputana etiquette.

Jaisalmer is known for its beautiful forts and stately palaces. It also has the incredible Thar Desert, Jain Temples, Jain temples, and stunning dunes.

If you are looking to discover this beautiful country, it is time to book your Desert Camp at Jaisalmer.

Brahmatal Trek is one of the most travelled place in India as this trek lies in Himalaya’s.

Desert Camp in Rajputana

Rajputana, a budget-friendly desert camp, offers a place to stay for as little as $2000-2500 per night. This includes breakfast, dinner, and a desert safari (camel Safari).

Rajputana Desert Camp is home to 40 Camps and 10 AC cottages. It is located in Sam, which is just 5 minutes walk from Sam Sand Dunes. For more information about Rajputana Desert Camp, click the button below.

Desert Camp Chetram

Chetram Desert Camp is an affordable desert resort that offers a bed and breakfast as well as a desert safari (camel safari) for around $2000-2500 per night.

Chetram Desert Camp is home to 30 Camps and 8 AC cottages. It is located in Sam, which is just 5 minutes from Sam Sand Dunes. This campground was established in 2021 and is part of our company.

Camp Serai

The Serai offers the best camping experience in Jaisalmer if you have the money. The Serai will amaze you if the idea of tents doesn’t appeal to you. The Serai, which is situated on 30 acres of desert scrub in the Great Thar Desert, is made up of 21 large tents that are built on Jaisalmer stones foundations.

The tents are over 1,000 square feet in area and include a covered sitting space, outside relaxation space, and large bedrooms. A Luxury Tent will include a private garden and a sunken swimming pool. The Royalty also has a magnificent spa and an outside pool that is well maintained. There is also a large lounge.

Desert Camp Damodara

Damodara Desert Camp offers a small, luxury camping experience in Jaisalmer. There are only eleven Swiss tents. It is quieter than other campers in this area.

Local villagers make up the majority of the workers, and the establishment has traditional artifacts that give it a village feel. This camp is not known for its loud music or DJs. Instead, it offers quiet entertainment with puppet shows and Rajasthani dances that are accompanied by traditional music.

Camel safaris take place on private dunes, away from the crowds. This is a stunning location for stargazing at night.

Sam, Le Royal Camps

Sam offers luxurious Swiss tents as well as adventurous activities. Le Royal Camps’ best feature is its location, just 3 km from Desert National Park.

There are 26 rooms, including 5 luxury cottages and 11 royal suites. Also, there are 8 deluxe Swiss tents. Le Royal Camps offers desert activities like camel safaris and jeep safaris. They also offer village tours, Rajasthani cuisine, traditional dance and music, and a range of other outdoor activities.

Khuri’s Mama’s Resort & Camp

Mama’s Resort & Camp can be found near Khuri. Here tourists can enjoy camping in the Thar Desert Nature while also staying in luxurious Swiss desert camps. Visitors can enjoy a wide range of modern conveniences in Mama’s Resort & Camp’s private Swiss chalets. The Super Deluxe Cottage was designed in Rajasthani style.

Mama’s Resort & Camp offers a wide range of desert activities to its guests. The Rajasthani way of greeting guests makes them feel special and respected.

Desert Winds Camp

Winds Desert Camp offers a multi-cuisine restaurant that serves Indian and Continental cuisines. The camp offers 20 tents to rent. The simple furnishings of the tents include a private bathroom and modern fixtures.

Ceiling fans are used to maintain adequate airflow in tents that do not have air conditioning. Winds Desert Camp can accommodate visitors’ requests for camel safaris and vehicle safaris as well as guided excursions.

A well-equipped conference room is available for business meetings and conferences. The hotel offers indoor and outdoor gaming options upon request.

Resort Pal Rajah

Pal Rajah Resort, a charming desert camp with eight luxury tents and three mud huts around agricultural land and dunes with beautiful sunset views, is charming. It is connected to Jaisalmer’s famous Hotel Fifu.

Because it is away from the main road and there are not many other tents nearby, this camp is perfect for peaceful local experiences. They are friendly and welcoming and provide attentive and courteous service. Tourists can also go on camel safaris and may camp in the dunes beneath the stars.

Camp Oasis

Oasis Camp is the most affordable Jaisalmer budget camp. It is located along the main road, opposite the Sam Sand Dunes. This camp is ideal for those who want to be active but do not spend too much. Our camp is open throughout the year, unlike many other programs that close in summer.

Although the tents are clean and have western-style bathrooms, hot water is not available for long periods. Also, there is no shower so you will need to use a bucket bath. You will only be able to eat vegetarian food, but you can also order non-vegetarian meals for an additional fee.